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The Awesome 80s Prom is an 18+ event and is playing at 42West, 514 West 42nd St, located between 10th and 11th Avenues under the OUT Hotel. Click here for venue information.

Plan the perfect Bachelorette Party with our “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” Bachelorette Party Package

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Includes: Tiara, sash, t-shirt, VIP admission, name mentioned in the show, special attention from characters in The Prom and more!

Hi! I’m Nicole, your Bachelorette Party planner! Are you ready to throw a Bachelorette party that your Bachelorette will cherish for the rest of her life? Well then you’ve come to the right place!

The Awesome 80s Prom is New York City’s #1 Bachelorette Party destination! I know that planning a Bachelorette Party can be a super stressful experience, so I’m here to help you! Keep reading for more information about having a Bachelorette Party at THE PROM.

You can call me now at 877-RAD–PROM (723-7766) if you’re ready to book your party today, or email to get more information about Bachelorette Parties at The Awesome 80s Prom!

The Awesome 80s Prom Audience Testimonials

At THE PROM, you and your Bachelorette come first!

At THE AWESOME 80s PROM, our Bachelorettes always come first, which is why we have been rated the best Bachelorette Party destination in New York. From the Bachelorette Party planning to the Bachelorette Party, we’ll make sure everything is simple, easy and affordable!

Your Bachelorette’s experience at THE PROM will be something she’ll never forget. We’ll greet her at the door, give her a tiara, a sash that says “Most Likely to Get Married” and other awesome surprises, then get her on that dance floor so you can all tear it up to Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar and more!

Stressed out? Tired of planning? I’m here to take care of all your planning needs for Bachelorette parties…

I know it’s not easy planning a Bachelorette Party, so I’m here to help! Gathering your girls, booking the transportation, deciding where to eat – it’s a lot of work! At THE AWESOME 80s PROM, you just tell us what you want and we’ll take care of it!

It’s Your Bachelorette Party . . . YOUR way!

Here are just a few of the things we do to help your Bachelorette Party planning go perfectly:

  • We have a flexible reservation plan that doesn’t force you to put out any money up front, and you never have to pay for the rest of your party! Everyone can purchase their own tickets!
  • Do you need a limo? A pre-PROM restaurant? A fun post-Bachelorette Party destination in New York? Just ask! There’s nothing that we won’t do for you.
  • Need a hotel to crash with The Captain of the Football Team after THE PROM? Click here!
  • Want to dress up the Bachelorette and bridesmaids or purchase some fun Bachelorette Party flair? Grab your Bachelorette Party supplies here!
  • Plus I’m here to be your Bachelorette Party planner! Just ask and I can make it happen! Remember, it’s your bride’s one night and she deserves the best, so we want it to be your Bachelorette Party…your way.

Why go anywhere else when you can get all this plus an Award-Winning interactive show that the New York Times called “Totally Rad! A trip down memory lane – like being the star of your very own John Hughes movie!” and the Daily News called “Big Hair! Big Fun!”

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Then call us at 1-877-RAD-PROM (1-877-723-7766) to book your Bachelorette Party! When you hear the menu press 1 to be connected with me, Nicole, your personal Bachelorette Party planner!

Or if you want to BUY TICKETS RIGHT NOW, click here and you can order them online! Make sure you get the BACHELORETTE PARTY PACKAGE so your Bachelorette gets all her special surprises, then get ready to party like it’s 1989!

I am more than happy to take care of all your Bachelorette Party planning needs. I’ve got a lot of fun ideas about how you can make your Bachelorette’s “last night of freedom” one that she’ll never forget!

Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to dance with The Captain of the Football Team, and this time you don’t have a curfew!

We’ll see you at THE PROM!


The NY Bachelorette Party Planning Specialist

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Hear What Others Are Saying About

Their Bachelorette Parties at THE PROM

“I had my Bachelorette Party at THE PROM! My friends and I danced the night away through the entire Prom then at Webster Hall following show!” – Karen, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

“I loved feeling like Prom Queen with all of the special attention I received at my Bachelorette Party at the The Awesome 80s Prom!” – Christine, Seaford, NY

“I surprised my friend with a Bachelorette Party at the Awesome 80s Prom! Nicole helped me out every step of the way to make it the perfect party!” – Tanya, Toms River, NJ

“My night started with a pole dancing class and dinner followed by the Awesome 80s Prom. A Bachelorette Party I will not forget!” – Karyl Lynn, Jersey City, NJ

“Nicole made planning my best friend’s Bachelorette Party so simple for me, allowing everyone to buy their own ticket with our group code! I would ‘totally’ have Bachelorette Parties there again!” – Mary, Brooklyn, NY

“I had an awesome time at my Bachelorette Party at the Awesome 80s Prom! Thank you so much for making it a great experience!” – Judy, Syosset, NY

“My Bachelorette Party really was exactly what it should be. I was surrounded by my closest friends and family and we were all having fun. THE PROM was an awesome route to go : )” – Marianna, New York, NY

“Nicole helped me through all of the craziness going on surrounding my best friend’s Bachelorette Party. She is a total gem! Thank you for sticking with me and getting me through the process.” – Louisa, Glendale, NY

“I planned my own Bachelorette Party at the Awesome 80s Prom. We definitely had a wonderful time and the dinner at Lips before the show was delicious!” – Jaclyn, Jackson Heights, NY

“This was the easiest Bachelorette Party I have ever planned! I have planned 2 others and this was so easy to get a limo and dinner! It also was a pretty fair price!” - Sheyla, Farmingdale, NY