A Note From The Creator of The Awesome 80s Prom

Dear Awesome 80s Fan,

After more than a decade of moonwalkin’, The Awesome 80s Prom has hung up its parachute pants, and played its final performance.

If you’re looking for a similar interactive experience with great music, great characters and gobs of fun, then you should check out my brand new show, That Bachelorette Show!

That Bachelorette Show was created in the style of The Awesome 80s Prom, but instead of spoofing 80s movies, we’re spoofing all those guilty pleasure romance reality shows that you know you watch (I’ll admit it, I do too.)

And yeah, I’m sure we’ll play an 80s tune or two. :-)

thatbacheloretteshowClick here to learn more about the show and I hope to see you there, because if you’re a fan of The Prom, you’re gonna love That Bachelorette Show!

Until then!


Ken Davenport
Creator of The Awesome 80s Prom

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